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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop the Heat Ring marks from hot cups of 'coffee' or other hot drinks?
Our furnitures are double lackured to ensure that the heat does not penetrate into the wood.
This usually only happens to cheap quality lackure or extreme amounts of heat!

Isn't flat pack cheaper?
Flatpack is much cheaper, but you are allowing the quality to be considerably less.
The wood is often not solid throughout, and generally thinner, ours is solid wood, with a much thicker, chunky look and feel to it, that would last through someone's lifetime, not until a new fashion trend comes in and it needs to be replaced.

Dovetailed Joints provide longer lasting parts
Because drawers are pulled and pushed on daily, attaching the front to the drawer by screws often just end up breaking, we use dovetail joints, which mean that the parts all fit together like a zig-zag jigsaw for longer lasting and a much better quality finish.

How is the Width Measured
The width is the measurement from left to right, on the furthest away from each other.

How is the Depth Measured
The depth is from the furest point away from you to the closest.

How is the Height Measured
The Highest point to the lowest point.

What's "Closed" and "Extended"?
This is for tables, that can be opened further to give additional table surface space.

I placed an order, got an email saying payment required.
We do not take payment through our website, instead we check to ensure we have the correct items in stock, give you a call to confirm, and we will ask for payment over the phone, or cash on delivery.
You can call us instead on: 01634 890 500 (between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday).

Payment types accepted?
Debit Card or cash on delivery is prefered.

What about Credit Cards?
We accept credit cards but we charge an additional 2% to your order.

Do you take cheques?
We will accept cheques, however we will not dispatch your order until payment has cleared.

Any other questions...
If we havn't answered it, you might be best of giving us a call(01634 890 500) or emailing( our office.