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About us

From here you can get a brief overview of who we are, and how we work. Woodhouse Furniture was established in 2000, to bring beautifully handcrafted traditional solid wooden furniture to our customers throughout the UK. With years of experience in the superb quality of the wooden furniture manufacturing trade, our expert craftsman produce wonderfully designed wooden furniture of striking high quality. Based in Kent, we have a 'chunky' style wooden furniture ranges for all areas of your home. Our main experise is in solid oak, pine and ask, although we are capable of using others, we find these give the upmost best finish of quality. We are a traditional family run business, although we have otuside workers, we have for many years had the family at the center of our business, we pride our work, and believe that quality is more important than quantity, we even use the furniture ourselves at home!

VAT Number: 876 5247 83